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I directed this video for Disneyland & Disney World, both of which will be open for 24 hours straight on 2.29.12.

Really proud of how this turned out, and all of the incredible work everyone involved did on the project.

Shot by James Codeglia and Will Carnahan. Edited by Whit Scheidegger. Music and sound design by Alfred Montejano. Produced by Zadi Diaz, Michael Hundgen and Thomas Wadsworth. Color correction by Phil Dennison. Intro titles by Mike Ashton.

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    I just got home from Disneyland and watched this and what a joy! I hadn’t realized how refreshing it could be to see the...
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    A bunch of cool people I like made a great video for a place I like to visit. I love the Cheshire Cat and Indy snake...
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    An awesome job by my friends with awesome jobs (filming at Disneyland and Disney World every other week).
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    Great work by Matt Wyatt.
  8. ecantwell said: You are awesome. This looks FANTASTIC.
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    Real proud of this one. I shot half the footage (Disneyworld) but Matt is the genius behind it.
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    Way to go, team!
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